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Predator - night urban photography

Before it gets here…

I struggle constantly against this reflex, but in truth, the other frightens me. When I am alone at night in the street and meet someone, I am instinctively on the defensive. The other is not …
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Vignette - Photographie nuit urbaine - Entre deux mondes

Urban Decay

Architectural projects sometimes have their origin in a Utopian approach. The center of Ivry-sur-Seine was built by two architects Jean Renaudie and René Gailhoustet between 1968 and 1988. This urban complex is characterized by the …
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Gonflé à bloc - Élévation spirituelle - photographie narrative, autoportrait conceptuel

Inflated self-portraits

Dark humor on white background … A narrative series of eight self-portraits in which a character is back to life thanks to balloons (a symbol of … okay, it’s up to you !) In this …
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Watching Big Brother

As any French guy, I’ve got Revolution in my blood ! A part of me has always wanted to ruin advertising displays on subwayplatforms or in the streets with large shocks sentences written with a …
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In the shadow of light

Whether he carries a cardboard box on his head, deliberately hides his face, or even simply turns back on us, my photographic alter-ego has the annoying tendency to remain anonymous even when he is the …
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Mise en boîte - blocs de béton - photographie urbaine et architecture

Concrete blocks

I feel a fascination / repulsion for urban constructions that have literally transformed our environment. Architectural Utopia or constructions governed by the functional in which the human has no longer really its place, these concrete …
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Automatic consumption - photographie conceptuelle

All that glitters…

All that glitters is not gold. My alter-ego is like a mosquito, irremediably attracted by the artificial lights of the night. In this narrative and conceptual series, the metaphor delivered by these night photographs is …
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Don’t be afraid of the dark

Despite my old age, I’m still having sometimes panic attack in dark places. In bad psychological conditions (after seeing a good horror film for example), going to the cellar through the underground parking of my …
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Jonas into the light - photographie narrative et conceptuelle

Third person walker

Tribute to a media that interests me a lot (and has occupied much of my life): video games, and especially the genre of Third person shooter. Throught thoses photographs, you can also feel my fascination …
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Descente interdite - photographie urbaine & architecture

Go up / Go down

Stairs have always been a highly evocative subject for my eyes. Metaphors for a beautiful release into the light or a creepy descent into hell.

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