Un escalier dans l'obscurité menant à dédale de ciment

I’m regularly astounded by the general ugliness of the new residential buildings springing up like mushrooms in the Paris region.
Sometimes, it seems that architects are having fun proposing outlandish projects, as if they were cracking jokes (but no decision-maker tells them to stop…).
Take Domaine de la Ronce, for example, in Ville-d’Avray (92), with its 125 new flats, a magnificent demonstration of brutalist architecture in full concrete mode.

And yet, here we are in a medium-sized town, with vast green spaces and a huge adjacent forest, and here is the plan…
Anyway, I complain, I get annoyed, I get carried away… but once night falls, I’m falling in love with such locations.

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Maze - urban night photography - location : Ville d'Avray