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  • Vignette - Temps de pause - photographie de nuit conceptuelle

    Pause time

    My shadow character exposes himself to the light of a neon. Note for later: At the next night photo shoot, Don’t forget your photo bag with your CB and remote control on the spot; Do …
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  • Outside the bunker - photographie urbaine de nuit- Vignette

    Outside the bunker – Night urban photography

    At night, in a city like Ivry-sur-Seine, one feels very small, crushed, fragile, reduced to nothing by the concrete architecture that dominates the city center. The architectural choices may have been designed to better live …
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  • Vignette - A warm place - photographie de nuit narrative

    A warm place – Night narrative photography

    I chose as the title of this photograph an explicit reference to an instrumental track of NIN (Nine Inch Nails), because while working on this photograph in post-production I had a strange feeling of cold. …
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Tips to improve your practice of night photography

Tips to improve your practice of night photography
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