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Épiceries de nuit - Urban Oasis 3 - photographie de nuit

Urban Oasis

I have always enjoyed the night grocery stores, first of all because they often saved the life of a starving photographer, then because they all look more surreal as each other, becoming oasis of light …
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You know exactly where it ends - night photography

Finally alone

I love my long night rides in Paris. As the night progresses, it seems you are alone in the world. A city that has become unbearable for me during the day (cars, noise, too many …
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Colored exit - photographie urbaine

Underground parking garages

I’m fascinated by underground parking garages, that’s a fact ! Through the eye of the photographer and emptied of its original function (to park cars !), those ultra functional urban constructions, governed by strict rules …
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Light station - photographie de nuit

Light Station

Paraphrasing is useless… (…) At this point, in most large cities, we can go through life without ever putting a foot on earth : parking lots, corridors, offices, shopping centers. We no longer live on …
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One step behind - photographie ombre et lumière

Anonymous shades

Thanks to the darkness of the night and the artificial lights of the city, passers-by and bystanders literally turn into anonymous shadows. This series carries in it the germs of a more recent night urban …
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Empêcheur de tourner en rond - photographie conceptuelle et narrative

The dumb guy

I am fond of absurd and surreal humor . Photographers often take themselves too seriously, so here’s a series where I put myself on stage in the role of some dumb guy, a bit out …
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Photographie Marionnette 2 dans ma série des autoportraits en diptyque

The puppet master

Variation in my series of diptych self-portraits, in which a character takes the actions of the other … It was pretty obvious to approach one day the theme of the puppeteer and his puppet.

Residual light tracks - urban lights

Urban lights

A photographic series that focuses on my strange fascination for urban lights. In the glare of night’s artificial light, every place – even the most common – have a certain grace in my eyes

Lampadaire solitaire - photographie de nuit

The empire of lights

The painting The empire of lights by the painter Magritte, with his street lamp lost in a surreal night, haunted me for many years. On the subject, I invite you to read this interview which …
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