Watching Big Brother

As any French guy, I’ve got Revolution in my blood !
A part of me has always wanted to ruin advertising displays on subwayplatforms or in the streets with large shocks sentences written with a permanent marker
BUY IS DIE !!!… things like that…
But in fact, I am a bit coward…
So instead to do it on the real world, I made it on photoshop !
I’m happy to have been able to transform through photography a destructive impulse into something more constructive, more creative.

This series began as a tribute to a whole section of science fiction anticipation; 1984 by Georges Orwell for literature and They Live by John Carpenter for the Cinema.
Then, not really succeeding in extricating myself from the influence of these two gigantic masterpieces, I continued with pure and simple urban hacking with advertising displays to tend to something rather absurd, nonsensical

What if Big Brother – HAL – GLaDOS – Skynet – Deepmind, call it the way you want, became completely crazy and dumb !

Work in progress
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