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Photographie Invisible self portrait - Blob me - autoportrait photographique

Invisible self portraits

Series of self portraits, based on the idea of invisibility, which as noted in my brief: “Self-portrait series where the character tries to melt, fade, disappear, hide in the background (minimum shooting configuration: white wall …
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I am the Boss - photographie ombre et lumière

Daylight shadows

Except for selfportrait photography, I have a real problem to deal with daylight photography. Too much details and elements that parasitize the composition of the plan ; the glance loses itself in the picture. Thanks …
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Goliath - photographie ombre et lumière

Wet shadows

Having fun with backlighting in water… I love to blind my lens with this special light, which transforms each scene into a monochrome painting.

Essaouira - le conseil des ombres - photographie ombre et lumière

The shadow theater

Black silhouettes in my little shadow theater. Thanks to strong backlight, details and depth of field disappear. The darkness that with time has becomed an essential element of my night photography slowly begins here to …
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Les trois singes de la sagesse - masquer - autoportrait-photographie

Three wise monkeys

I immediately found interesting to work on the concept of the three wise monkeys, because as any universal representation, there are many possible interpretations depending on how you look at the subject. For these last …
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Les singes de la sagesses - autoportrait diptyque

Three wise monkeys diptych

Action/reaction diptych construction on the three wise monkeys imagery. I like how the trouble-maker tries to hog the cover to him, taking all the place within the frame and how the wise monkey seems to …
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Cardboard Box Head #9 - Closed space - photographie narrative et conceptuelle

Cardboard Box Head

Probably my favorite photographic narrative and conceptual series cause it includes all my graphics and thematic obsessions. Thematically: alter ego, criticism of contemporary society, urban loneliness, absurdity in this its most common. Graphically: the night …
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Bunker - épaves de béton 2 - photographie urbaine

Bunker – concrete wreck

Sometimes I wonder about the origins of my photographic interrests… You know, those underground parking garages, stifling tunnels, narrow streets, this murky urban landscape… That thought struck me during a photo shoot on the beach …
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