Narrative photography - Slow down : kids and pets at play (slider)

The first signs appeared a few months ago. An excitement that had little to do with taking the car, or even of knowing what was the point of destination (grandpa and grandma !)
None of that! In fact, my 2 years old twins were just crazy about the idea of ​​going into the underground parking lot (they were saying “PAKING PAKING!“).

Then they started to play “knock knock” on all automatic doors leading to underground parkings on the way to the day nursery … and recently, they begin to venture into the descents of car parks in daylight. ..
We are not far from pure fascination.

I promise you, I have nothing to do with that. They do not look at my blog, I have no posters of my work in my living room…
I am innocent !

In seeking what absurd message can be displayed above a parking lot down at night by my deviant Big Brother, I immediately thought of that :)

Narrative photography - Slow down : kids and pets at play
This photograph belongs to the series : Watching Big Brother