Love machine - photographie conceptuelle et narrative - Slider

In my underground parkings photographs , I have often used signalisation to add meaning into my frame. As in, I began to divert their message to create absurd images, even a bit surreal.

In recent weeks, I scan all Paris to find ideally placed billboards to complete the Watching Big Brother series, but what bothered me was not being able to extricate myself from John Carpenter’s They Live movie and Orwell’s 1984 book influences to go further in the concept.

Then last week, during a night walk I came across this Autolib station with a small digital display and that’s it ! Why not go squarely in the absurd diversion of each information display.
What if Big Brother became crazy!?

… Well, we’ll see how this series will now evolve.

Love machine - narrative and conceptual photography
N.B. : Thanks to SomebodySlime for the pixel heart.

This photograph belongs to the series : Watching Big Brother