Vignette - The unknow - Photographie urbaine de nuit

Keep it simple stupid, or KISS principle, is a guideline that encourages simplicity in design and that any unnecessary complexity should be avoided whenever possible. This principle is applied in many disciplines such as software development, animation, journalism, photography (…)


At the time of that shooting, this spot, located in Paris 14ème, has simply enthused me … beautiful convergence lines, neons everywhere, incredible light, and no one to bothers me !
So I tried many things, including an urban duel, Sergio Leone-like, between me and my alter-ego.

The post-production was more complicated … I spent so much time trying to concretize this duel.
Difficult to correct the wide angle natural deformation on my character in the border of the frame.
More difficult to use blur lens with an inlaid character…
With experience, I should know … I’m a photographer, not a computer graphics designer!

A little discouraged, I come back on my RAW files and suddenly “Stop the press who’s that ?!!!” I focus on the first picture made on the spot. The first one damnit! A simple positioning test to make sure the frame was good. The positioning and posture of the character are great, the perspective is perfect etc…

In short, Keep it simple STUPID!

The unknow - Night urban photography