Vignette - Obscur compagnon de route - photographie de nuit urbaine

Every time I start a night photography session, a part of me wants to U turn and get back on my couch.
This part of me whispers : “No need to go out, you will not have any inspiration. All your photos look the same… you always do the same thing! You’re going to go back home empty-handed, realizising that you got nothing else to tell anymore in photography.”

As I move away from my apartment, this voice loses its strength and aggressiveness… … but it is still there…
So when all of a sudden, I stop in front of an underground car park entrance, with my shadow character facing a desperately closed door, this voice comes back even louder.
When it looks at this photograph, this part of me sees a photographer, sitting quietly in his comfort zone, afraid of the idea that he is going nowhere with his Art.

An other part of me (the one who is writing these words), more positive (everything is relative), sees someone struggling with his demons, his inner images, and transforming this struggle into something with photography. He knows that the battle is lost in advance (Know yourself !), but if at least something “beautiful” comes out of it, it may not be completely useless.
Finally, now that I’m reading myself, there is a lot to say about this photograph.

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The Dark passenger - Urban night photography

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This photograph belongs to the narrative night series : Don’t be afraid of the dark