French photographer Richard Vantielcke

French photographer Richard Vantielcke defines itself as a guardian of the legacy of surrealist painter Rene Magritte, whether in his work on urban architecture, conceptual photography or portrait and self-portrait photography.

Through night photography and light and shadow, this photographer tries to sublimate the everyday, by giving it a touch of mystery, strangeness, and weirdness sometimes ...

Cinephile from an early age, Richard Vantielcke has repeatedly tried a unique approach to narrative photography through "photo novels", mixing narrative cinema and meaningful photographic framing construction to serve a story.

Last photographs

Bunker in town - Night photography
La menace floue - Conceptual photography
The dark entrance - Urban and architecture photography
Urban Oasis 10 - Night photography
Urban Oasis 9  - Night photography
Anatomie d'une station service 3 - Night photography

Featured photographs

Réflexion sur l'autoportrait - Portrait and self-portrait photography
Plus claire la lumière, plus sombre l'obscurité - Night photography
Residual light tracks - Urban and architecture photography
Dancer in the dark - Portrait and self-portrait photography
A l'ombre des ténèbres - Light and shadow photography
Invisible self-portraits - Erase me - Portrait and self-portrait photography