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  • Night photography tip 2 : Freehand shots - thumbnail

    Night photography tip n°2 – Freehand shots

    Tip n°2 : At night, freehand shots are a bit blurry… but that way, you will quickly check the location’s potential, before setting up your tripod ! Richard Vantielcke – LudImaginary Read my tips to …
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  • Night photography tip - long exposure - vignettte

    Night photography tip n°1 : Long exposure

    I start here a small series of tips on night photography. Pratical advices, resulting from my practice of night photography for several years. Tip n°1 : During a long exposure shot, it is better not …
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  • Interview photographe sur Itchy Silk

    Interview on Itchy Silk

    New interview for the online magazine Itchy silk. CULTIVATING PROVOCATIVE THOUGHT THROUGH WORD, SOUND AND IMAGES. How could I resist such a catchy slogan ? :) This interview is very personal with questions very far …
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Tips to improve your practice of night photography

Tips to improve your practice of night photography
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Night photography Tip n°3 : ISO sensitivity and Digital Noise #phototips About 11 hours ago
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