Conceptual and narrative photography from French photographer Richard Vantielcke

Invisible self portraits

Selfportrait 07/2011

Series of self portraits, based on the idea of invisibility, which as noted in my brief: “Self-portrait series where the character tries to melt, fade, disappear, hide in the background (minimum shooting configuration: white wall / flash).

At the beginning of this series, there are many desires combined:
- One of the fifth photographs is a direct homage to Magritte and his painting “Attempt of the impossible” (but this time the painter erases his character) ;
- Play on the feeling of emptiness, with a character as minimalist as the white background ;
- Achieve self-portraits by insisting on the textures.

In my various attempts to hide myself on a white background, I quickly realized that it was sometimes necessary to add an item to humanize the character.
I logically direct my choice towards my glasses, cause it is already a classic symbol of the invisible man.

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