Conceptual and narrative photography from French photographer Richard Vantielcke

Bunker – concrete wreck

Urban photography 10/2010

Sometimes I wonder about the origins of my photographic interrests…
You know, those underground parking garages, stifling tunnels, narrow streets, this murky urban landscape…

That thought struck me during a photo shoot on the beach of Leffrinckoucke (North of france) and more precisely on the site MKB Malo Terminus.
A coastal battery from the Second World War, composed of many bunkers.
I remembered this kid playing with his shovel and bucket, constantly attracted by those nightmare concrete constructions…
Obviously somehow, there were some side effects on my imagination :)

With that series of bunker photographs, my goal was to :
– sublimate graphic and architectural dimension of these concrete constructions, thanks to wide angle lens.
– keep (trap ?) the viewer’s eyes focused on those concrete wrecks, thanks to a few graphic tricks.

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